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Composition: Stevia extract, Zizyphus extract, Goji extract, Cucumber extract 

Main Function: blood sugar control and weight loss


Iminosugars are common in many plants in the food chain but there are many varietal diff erences.
They are generally not reported because the analysis is difficult. 

The iminosugars have wide ranging biological activities due to their similarity to sugars that control
much of our biological processes and cellular recognition systems. 

Disruption of sugar biochemistry is involved in many diseases and iminosugars have been shown to be able
to correct many of these errors. 

*Small and very stable molecules quickly absorbed  

*Great diversity in biological eff ects
*Selective glycosylation inhibitors, immune modulators, protein stabilisers
*Common in plants and micro-organisms
*Specialised expertise required for discovery and synthesis
*Often absent from current ingredients prepared from plants containing them
*IP available on novel structures and applications