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Dendrobium Nobile Extract

1.Product Name:  Dendrobium Nobile Extract

2.Latin name: Dendrobium nobileLindl.
3.Specification: total alkaloids 1% min by HPLC



Dendrobiumextract, also named dendrobium nobile exract, Shi Hu in Chinese, has been used as a traditional herb medicine in China for more than 1300 years. From wikipedia, There are many dendrobium species available, such as dendrobiumnobile Lindl, dendrobium candidum, dendrobiumofficinale, dendrobium huoshanense, and dendrobium devonianum Paxt. However, among these species, dendrobium nobile is the most common and popular extract.



Main Function:


1. It has certain antipyretic analgesic action; 

2. It can promote gastric juice to secrete, helping digestion; 

3. Have increase metabolism, anti-aging functions

4. Reducing fever and nourish yin