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Burdock seed extract


CAS 7770-78-7 Arctigenin 98% (Burdock Seed Extract) 


Arctigenin Powder CAS No:7770-78-7 

Great Burdock Achene P.E
Great Burdock Fruit Extract
Arctium Extract

Burdock Seed Extract

Plant Resource:  Arctium/Burdock

Part: seed 

Active Ingredient: Arctiin 

Specification: 10%  20%  30% 98%

Colour: brown fine powder 

Test Method: HPLC

Molecular Formula: C21H24O6

Molecular Weight:372.4

Main Function

1.Formula application in all clinical department

2.Taking orally, wash-out, sticking outside and coloclyster etc.

3.Used as raw materials for making capsules, tablets, concentrated pills and oinment

4. Application in medical health care,nourishment diet, beauty making and slimming and health food additives.